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Hello all,

First of all, the new batch has been cancelled by the Covid-19 but if you want to know when it will be relaunched, just subscribe to the mailing list.

If you do have a kit or a board, I know you're impatient to begin playing with it but before that I just want to say a few words. Sit down and relax, it won't be long.

First, thanks a lot for your patience and for resurecting your rabbit.

Then, I have to thank a lot of person in this adventure: Marc, Hugo, Sylvie, Jean-François, Jean-Jacques, Antoine, Maylis, Pierre-Rudolph, Maker Faire Paris and of course, Paul ! You can applaud them. Thank you.

Finally, I have to say that there's probably some remaining bugs and I'm sure that for some of you your prefered service has not been developped (yet !). We started by the ones we love : surprises, taï-chi, clock, ear-wedding and the guru (never released) and those that we find useful, weather forecast and air quality. But there will be more written by us and by you!

That's all!'

So to start, if you have a Nabaztag go there and if you have a Nabaztag:tag it's here!

Thanks and see you soon!


PS : All the ressources :