Unable to locate Nabaztag
Hello and thank you for all your amazing work! Smile
I re-flashed my SD card with V8.1 and added the SSH without extension and WPA_supplicant.conf to the SD. (NabaztagTag)
I plugged it in, it went through the start-up, ears up and lights.  It seems alive.  So, I wanted to go in and update it.
I'm working in chrome on a Mac.
I tried connecting to HTTP://Nabaztag.local with no success.  
I tried connecting via IP address. 
My router finds the Nabaztag, but it shows inactive... but the rabbit has a heartbeat light. It shows the Rabbit on 2g.
Did I do something wrong? 
Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your kind help.  Wink
Laura R
I figured it out... I had to go into open the WPA_Supplicant in "text editor" on my Mac and update the WPA info, then load it on the SD card.
Sorry for the trouble. Smile

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