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12-20-2020, 07:52 AM
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  Lapin cherche nouveau propriétaire
Posté par : bounaurel - 01-17-2021, 05:53 PM - Forum : Petites annonces / Classified ads - Pas de réponse

Bonjour à tous,

suite à l'arrivée du deuxième dans la famille, je me vois contraint de me séparer de mon Nabaztag, par manque de temps pour m'en occuper.

Il est équipé du kit à 90€ et est 100% fonctionnel (oreille, haut-parleurs, bouton...).

Il est vendu dans sa boite d'origine avec son alimentation d'origine mais avec la nouvelle carte déjà installée.

Le prix est de 160€ sans frais de port.

Photos jointes ci dessous.

Je reste disponible pour toute question.

Bonne journée.

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  Mariage de Nabaztag
Posté par : PsykoBunny - 01-12-2021, 12:48 PM - Forum : Free zone / Zone à définir - Réponses (1)

Y' a pas des petites annonces je cherche un nab pour appairer le mien qui s'ennuie...

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  Bonne Année !
Posté par : PsykoBunny - 01-01-2021, 06:54 AM - Forum : Free zone / Zone à définir - Réponses (4)

Bonne année à toutes et à tous ! j'ai passé mon rêveillon confiné avec mon nabaztag et j'étais bien triste qu'à minuit le message ne soit pas spécifique, comme pour Noël.... Moi et mon nabaztag Psykobunny, on vous souhaite le meilleur pour 2021.

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  The artwork of responsible Hong Kong Business Email List advertising and marketing
Posté par : mehedilatest - 12-20-2020, 07:52 AM - Forum : Free zone / Zone à définir - Pas de réponse

Accountable Hong Kong Business Email List marketing is one of the exceptional ways to assist build your enterprise speedy and growth earnings dramatically, at the same time as retaining your prices very low. growth earnings dramatically, at the same time as retaining your prices very low.yet most effective a handful of on line marketers are using it to construct their businesses ...

unsolicited Hong Kong Business Email List advertising and marketing, aka unsolicited Hong Kong Business Email List, is a very controversial difficulty. but, a whole lot of companies do not recognize that there may be a big difference between "spam" and accountable Hong Kong Business Email List advertising. i do now not educate nor advise "unsolicited mail" advertising. as you'll discover inside the next bankruptcy, spamming will get you in a whole lot of problem. it is just now not really worth practicing.

[Image: Hong-Kong-Email-List.jpg]
very few humans recognize how to use this powerful medium correctly to promote their agencies. many humans get in a number of problem through not the usage of it the proper way. hence, with out realizing it, they may be spamming others. many others in no way try to use it due of lack of expertise on the concern or fear of getting into trouble.

as a end result, Hong Kong Business Email List advertising is still the first-rate-kept advertising secret on the internet.

why e-mail? why is e-mail advertising so brilliant?

While you operate responsible electronic mail marketing as i can display you in this guide, you'll discover that it's far very secure, dependable, lightning rapid, and will now not get you in any form of problem at all.

responsible e-mail marketing is a brief and coffee-fee way to construct your enterprise and increase income. i recognize of no different approach which can deliver in earnings as fast and successfully as email advertising can.

e mail advertising, when executed right, is very effective due to the fact:

it charges simply pennies to execute but the income capability is huge. you may definitely cast off the extra expenses of postage, printing and mailing whilst sending your offers to potentialities and clients. if your offer does not do properly, you could improve on it and mail it out again without problems - it still does not fee you an awful lot. it gives you your freshest gives to prospects and clients immediately, once in a while within some seconds. you may every now and then begin receiving orders just minutes after sending your messages out. you could Hong Kong Business Email List product facts out or solution questions from prospects within mins - they do not ought to wait 2 to 4 weeks for some thing via postal Hong Kong Business Email List. you could fast build a robust courting together with your clients via keeping in touch with them frequently and thus, keep to sell your products to them for many years. it's miles genuinely the fastest way to build your commercial enterprise and to start earning a earnings at once.

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  Traits and future of Hong Kong Email List advertising
Posté par : mehedilatest - 12-20-2020, 07:49 AM - Forum : Petites annonces / Classified ads - Pas de réponse

As some other 12 months comes to an stop it is approximately time we spoke back these questions: "what are the traits of email marketing in 2014?". are we presupposed to count on any adjustments in the imminent year? what is the future of Hong Kong Email List advertising and marketing?

the evolution of era is constantly converting the way humans around the world connect with the internet. computers, laptops, tablets, cell telephones have changed the way Hong Kong Email List advertising campaigns are being done these days. therefore, those changes have given new opportunities for virtual marketers.

it's difficult to wager what the new yr will bring for Hong Kong Email List advertising, but we're able to are expecting a few developments that will be essential in the approaching yr. have a glance underneath:

[Image: Hong-Kong-Email-List.jpg]
automated campaigns
we will really word that increasingly entrepreneurs decide to send computerized campaigns, including birthday desires, or occasional promotions, taking advantage of stocks and likes of social channels. car campaign makes the task of many professionals plenty less difficult, a good way to consciousness on different things inside the agency. but, there may be a basic automation that isn't but absolutely utilized by entrepreneurs and it's referred to as: "welcome marketing campaign".

Consequently, in 2014 we will likely see the upward thrust of automated campaigns as a fast manner of speaking with customers and gaining likes / shares.

templates for portable gadgets
the number of transportable devices is constantly growing. therefore, it is a very good concept to have templates designed especially for transportable devices including pills and cell phones that may be used to send e-mail advertising and marketing campaigns. this manner you'll without a doubt make your process less complicated, especially while you aren't capable of use your computer to ship an Hong Kong Email List campaign and need to do it through ex. a cell cellphone. on the subject of cope with e-mail advertising campaigns, make certain which you consider about some other important aspect, that is: thrilling content.

marketers all around the global need to be more flexible in terms of how their communications are delivered across exclusive channels. it approach that not handiest the design of an Hong Kong Email List marketing campaign is essential but additionally the way it's far introduced and offered to the recipients. therefore, appropriate layout is becoming more and more crucial inside the virtual international and it is important in recent times to give participants the great viable experience and encourage them to convert.

the importance of social media
one of the biggest predicament of many marketers is: how to create a content in order to inspire its readers to share or / and like the article. we presume that in 2014 a massive part of the Hong Kong Email List advertising world will concentrate on smart and personalized content with a purpose to encourage openings, stocks and likes. we understand that unique information as well as product evaluations and discounts have excessive chances to be shared instead of ordinary newsletters.

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  Humeur malpolie, c'est laquelle ?
Posté par : david - 12-15-2020, 01:46 PM - Forum : Help! / Aidez moi ! - Réponses (3)

Bonjour, j'aimerai savoir quelle est le numéro de l’humeur du lapin qui dit" qu'est ce qu'on s'emme###" ?

J'ai regardé en ftp et autant certaines ont un nom parlant, autant pour celle ci je n'ai rien vu (et si je pouvais éviter de toutes me les passer, et de me spoiler celles que je ne connais peut être pas encore Smile

Mes oreilles ne sont ni chastes ni prudes, mais j'ai pour projet d'un nabz poilu tout mignon pour mon tout petit (et un nabz poilu tout mignon ne peut pas dire qu'il s'emmerde! Smile ) et si je pouvais essayer de préserver un peu ses oreilles, il aura bien le temps d'en entendre des vertes et des pas mures

Merci beaucoup Smile

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  Autopsie de mon tagtagtag
Posté par : express - 11-29-2020, 08:29 PM - Forum : Help! / Aidez moi ! - Réponses (5)

Après des mois de non utilisation because changement de wifi, je me suis mis aujourd'hui à le démonter, pour le mettre à jour. 
- démonté le lapin
- pris la micro sd et téléchargé le nouveau pynab en 0.8.4 et je l'ai flashé avec balena etcher sur Mac 
- j'ai mis le fichier .conf sans l'extension txt, après avoir bien renseigné mon ssid et le mdp de ma livebox (en 2.4 et 5ghz) 
- j'ai remis la sd et rebranché : rien ne s'allume

J'ai tout recommencé une seconde fois, en faisant attention à tout et revérifié sur ce forum.

J'ai changé de prise électrique, et essayé directement avec une alim 5v/2a en micro usb (après avoir enlevé l'alim d'origine), branché sur le pi (la prise du bout) : rien ne s'allume.

Je suis à court d'idée. Mon lapin se portait bien il y a quelques mois avant le changement de ssid.

Merci pour votre aide.

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  Lapin et HomeAssistant
Posté par : HerbertLeLapin - 11-26-2020, 01:25 AM - Forum : Free zone / Zone à définir - Réponses (1)

Bonjour à tous!

Je commence mon installation domotique avec HomeAssistant.
Quelqu'un a-t-il des idées d'intégration pour mon lapin?

Je n'ai pas tellement besoin de lecteur de musique/spotify...
Je me penche sur pi-hole
Utiliser des tag RFID (qqun a un fournisseur de puce RFID compatible?) pour commander des actions/scenarios
Ajouter des capteurs (ou réutiliser le capteur de temperature deja présent)

Merci d'avance pour vos idées!

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  VPN pour le Black Friday 2020
Posté par : jonamartin1980 - 11-24-2020, 04:24 PM - Forum : Petites annonces / Classified ads - Pas de réponse

PureVPN est classé comme la meilleure offre VPN pour le Black Friday 2020
Obtenez le maintenant

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  Mir:ror / RFID ...
Posté par : cj uk - 11-21-2020, 05:17 PM - Forum : Free zone / Zone à définir - Réponses (11)

We have a Nabaztag.tag - so we are looking forward to the new release of the board etc ... 

We also have four Mir:rors, which it would be good to bring to life again, too ... 
Could a Mir:ror be plugged into the Nabaztag.tag, perhaps in-place of the internal board ?
We also have an automated home, using the IDRAtek system (*) ... 
we had hoped to interface Nabaztag.tag & the Mir:rors with it ... 
and we wonder if this might now be possible via the GPIO connections on the Raspberry Pi board, or via the Internet and the IDRAtek API ... ??

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