He's Alive! and spotify connect
Hi all,

Today I utilised the new board and resurrected my rabbit!
oh much joy was had!

love the features so far, am a bit confused by some but looking forward to working them out.

As with my RetroRadio and Magicmirror i thought id install raspotify to the Nabaztag, worked with minimal config and plays nicely at low rate and medium volume.

here's a good guide for raspotify https://blog.turboturbo.net/2019/04/02/s...pberry-pi/

now to start thinking about a simple ear dancing routine and light show Smile!
Thanks for the heads up on this! Got it working and it's really cool. I find Raspotify doesn't always start with my little Karo in the morning so I've had to restart raspotify to make her visible. I'm trying automating it as a task when she wakes up, so I guess I'll find out if it works tomorrow! Want to try internet radio next!

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