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Welcome to the power supply ordering page for your Nabaztag.

There are two types of power supplies: one for Nabaztag V1 with a straight connector that plugs into the back of the Nabaztag, and one for Nabaztag V2 which plugs in under the rodent.
Nabaztag V1Nabaztag V2

The price difference is significant because the kits and cards can be sent as "letters" whereas the power supply must be sent as "parcel" (colissimo).

How to order:

  • Step 1: (this page) you select what you want to order.
  • Step 2: you enter your shipping and billing addresses.
  • Step 3: you make the payment.
At the end of Step 3, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have any questions: write to me!

Step 1: Your Order

Power supply for a Nabaztag V1

10 €

Power supply for a Nabaztag V2

25 €


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